About Us

Drinking Chefs is two parts cooking and one part comedy! Our goal is to take the intimidation out of the kitchen, showing that anyone can cook! This short-format cooking series was created by its stars, Marla Graves and Megann Rogala, in 2008, and has been filmed and edited by David Graves since 2010. The series is a cooking show based on our comedic interactions as we have a few drinks while preparing both complicated and simple meals. All recipes are invented by the stars of the show, including not only the recipes featured in episodes, but also the variety of recipes listed on the website. We film and release one to two videos per week.

  • Marla Graves

    Favorite Food - Sushi or Indian, and pizza when I am crabby
    Favorite Drink - Dirty vodka martini, extra dirty, easy on the vermouth
    Favorite ingredient to cook with - Jalapenos
    Food I would bring if you invited me to a party - Really cute cupcakes or stuffed jalapenos
    Favorite movie food moment - Lady and the Tramp- the spaghetti scene
    Specialty - Fancy cakes & Tex-Mex

  • Megann Rogala

    Favorite Food - anything to do with pasta
    Favorite Drink - PBR
    Favorite ingredient to cook with - Salt
    Food I would bring if you invited me to a party – chips and dips
    Favorite movie food moment - Alladin where he steals the bread – its just a little snack guys
    Specialty - Toast was her answer, but she makes crazy good chicken and dumplings

  • David Graves

    Favorite Food - Beef Brisket and anything my wife makes
    Favorite Drink - Woodchuck Amber
    Favorite ingredient to cook with - Charcoal and Mesquite
    Food I would bring if you invited me to a party - Something that my wife makes
    Favorite movie food moment - Food fight in Hook. Bangarang!
    Specialty - Grilling and eating what my wife makes