All I want for Christmas is food!

Finding that perfect gift for the holidays can be hard, especially on your wallet, but everybody likes food! They may not like your taste in art, they may already have the kitchen appliance you chose, and don’t get me started on buying someone the wrong size clothing! Food, however, is one size fits all!

Homemade candies, cookies, or muffins can be enjoyed immediately, or jars of rubs, sauces, or recipe cards can be enjoyed for longer. Either way, they will probably enjoy it longer than they would have enjoyed that sparkly green sweater with the snowflake fringe… (sorry, Aunt Lilith).

Anyhoo… Here are a few ideas for you to make for your family. Keep in mind, the episode for “Candied Pecans,” will be posted a week before the holidays.

Sugar Plums:
Brandy Balls:
Fruit Tart Cheesecake:
Mason Jar Whiskey Cakes:
Peanut Butter Cookies: