In the Beginning...

About 3-4 years ago, Megann was going to show me how to make some of her Brandy Balls. Now, if you have ever tasted the most sinfully wonderful thing ever, now multiply the deliciousness by six, and that is how wonderful these darned balls are. I had tasted them a few times, and when she said she was making up a giant batch for Christmas, I volunteered my services in exchange for tasting and learning the secret behind them. I went over to her house, and there it all began. Through the next few hours, we mixed, sipped brandy, stirred, sipped brandy, shaped balls, sipped brandy, ate the ugly balls, sipped brandy, and sipped brandy. Before too long, in a laugh induced fit, we slid down the cabinets into the floor and laughed and talked and came up with the idea of Drinking Chefs. It was all a joke at first. You know how you talk about how one day you will come up with an invention, or one day you will write a book, that is about the same conviction we used in discussing the idea. Luckily, or unluckily, for Megs, I am a big dreamer who honestly thinks I may win the lottery one day, so I always leap without looking toward ideas I think are good. We continued to talk about the idea for about a year, but since actually taping a cooking show seemed impractical, we started up a cooking club. We would get together with a small group of girlfriends as often as our schedules would allow and make a big dinner together, with everyone in the group taking turns showing everyone else how to make a dish they love. This didn’t last very long, as being adults with lots of other concerns, sometimes long evenings with friends slip to the wayside when you have several people’s schedules to consider.

Then came the time to get married… No, not me and Megann, but me and David. David and I bought a really amazing camera as a wedding gift to ourselves so we could have someone use it at our wedding and take amazing pictures of our honeymoon. Once back in town, we had the means to film in 1080hd. David loved the idea of Drinking Chefs, and had from the beginning, so he offered to be the camera man and editor. With no excuses not to, we bombarded Megann with the fact that it was going to happen. She wanted to, but considered herself much too shy to actually go through with it, hence, we reminded her of the drinking. We got her schedule and set up a time and decided once and for all to do this thing. Not too long after that, we found ourselves at Megann’s house, where we decided was a better kitchen for the concept, feeding Megs shots so she wouldn’t change her mind. Then, in the presence of just a few of our close friends, we shot our first episode, Fried Turkey Legs. At the end of the show, Megs was so excited that she said she would film every day if we got the chance.

Who knows what the future holds. Maybe one day we will look back in awe and be able to say that is where it all started. Maybe we will simply have an amazing time capsule. For now, I am grateful for Megann’s friendship and dedication, and the dedication and support from my husband, which we capture as often as we can on our little internet cooking show, Drinking Chefs.