Blame game

It happens to everyone. The delicious lethargy that comes after eating one of THE MOST GINORMUS meals all year long, Thanksgiving. Lets be real though. You fall asleep not because of the amino acid L-tryptophan in your turkey, but because you don't want to do dishes while listening to relatives bicker about how Susie's turkey was dry this year and not even grandma's gravy could do it justice (and grandma does make a rockin' gravy). In all actuality, while turkey does contain the nap inducing L-tryptophan, chicken and pork have more! It is those amazing carbohydrates that accompany the meal that require you to nap after! The mashed potatoes will nestle your tired body, the biscuits make an excellent pillow, that stuffing will protect you from most UV rays, mom's mac n' cheese has been known to warm the homeless on a cold night and lord, do not even get me started on the benefits of gravy! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday season but more importantly enjoy the naps!!!