Education starts at home

I grew up in a chefs household. My sister and I moved around so much as kids we started calling ourselves chefs brats in order to have something in common with other movers and shakers. All that being said, it was a great childhood. Other kids made mud pies, Jai and I made mud feasts. Instead of banging the pots and pans on the floor we used them as tools to create invisible 7 course meals (my favorite was leaf soup in my dad's favorite stock pan). Hide and Seek did not exsist in our reportire of childhood games, we played games like drive thru window and ice cream shop. We were the weird kids who would trade a home made lunch for a school lunch. Any oppurtunity to eat like the other 3/4's we took. When my dad would have to go out of town was when "food education" started, with my mom taking us to Taco Bell and other resturants my father would have died to see us in much less actually enjoying. On the flip side though, when mom had to go out of town, dad took the chance to feed us ice cream sundae's for dinner so in hindsight we had the best of both worlds!