Fresh Figs and Hand Picked Olives

One of the coolest things about buying a new house is the first spring when you find out what kinds of plants and trees are growing in your yard. Aside from three giant fig trees growing in our yard, there is an olive tree already there, so expect to hear about us canning figs, making fig preserves, and maybe even figgy pudding around the holidays.

The most interesting discovery I have made is that you can make your own olive oil from olives! I know, obviously, that olive oil comes from olives, but you can make your own olive oil from olives in your own home! Expect a video once we have harvested our first round of olives!

There are apparently a few types of processes to extract the olive oil from the olives, and you can even use olives from an olive bar if you don’t have your own tree. I am looking forward to experimenting and will report the best way. One of the methods I have read about involves setting up glasses inside of each other, one filled with scored olives and water and catching the oil that rises, and the other involves pressing the olives for the olives. I can only imagine fresh olive oil is ridiculously delicious!