Fun with Toaster ovens

My bachelor boyfriend doesn't have an oven. Doesn't feel he needs one. Everything he cooks can be done in the microwave, George Foreman, and the toaster oven. After spending a year cooking using only a George Foreman, microwave, and toaster oven, I have to agree with him. I have impressed myself with being able to make oven dishes (lasagna, roasted pork loin, ziti, brownies...just to name a few!) using only a 1ft by 1ft toaster oven (I don't know the actual dimensions. It's small is all you need to know). There is only one problem. While the toaster oven does go up to 400 F, it still takes twice as long to cook something. Be ready to start dinner at 3, if you would like to eat at a decent hour. The problem is that the heat isn't consistent. You are lucky to get an actual temp of 375 when the dial is on 400. Just be careful and actually take the temperature of meat when you cook, or give it an extra 10 minutes or so. The smell from whatever awesomeness you are making will ease the burden of a growling stomach.


Toaster ovens! by Some Nameless Drunk at Feb. 22, 2013, 8:48 a.m.
I love toaster ovens. They make cookies, cakes, caserols. I put my toaster oven to the test in Peace Corps. I loved that bad boy.