Here's a tip for ya!

This is a blog for the gentleman. Sorry ladies but you will understand why in a moment!

For those of you that don't know me besides Drinking Chefs I am a barista in real life. Imagine bartending-alcohol=waking people up in the morning. Now, i get the economy right now. It is a hard knock life to buy coffee and tip, i really get it. Normally I do not mind. Here is the thing though. If you are going to walk up to the register, buy coffee from me, proceed to flirt and then don't tip? This is what I don't get. I am not wearing make-up b/c i like getting up 30 minutes earlier than i have to. This winning smile even though I really should be studying right now is forced on there. My happy attitude over the insignificant details of the money you just dropped on an ungrateful girlfriend? Also forced (and trying not to laugh). This shirt? Especially designed so that when you want to stare into my baby greens, your eyes are drawn downward to my baby t's. I promise gentlemen, don't wonder why the waitress or bartender or barista didn't give you her phone number when you think you have pulled every flirt trick out of the 1905 manual. A little change in the jar suddenly
makes you Fabio.