How many times can I say "Deep Fried" in this blog?

Fried butter isn’t, by far, the only crazy deep fried thing you can find to clog your arteries at the Texas State Fair. For what seems like a mile, cookies, candy bars, bacon, ice cream, pizza, and tons of different types of meat are advertised in booth after booth as being battered and deep fried. Even sodas, which are apparently mixed into batters and dropped into the oil, are available. A few of the more clever, and crazy, battered options were the now infamous fried butter, deep fried pies, like pumpkin and pecan, deep fried chicken and waffles, which was a chicken finger dipped in waffle batter and, yes, deep fried, and the deep fried red velvet cupcake. Our group, most of them true blue Texans, as evidenced my me being 5’10” and by far the shortest person there, got into the spirit and tried a little of everything. There were deep fried brownies, pies, and meats passed around, which led to a very lethargic bunch toward the end of the day. I finally understand why the only things people remember about the Texas fair are Big Tex, the Texas Star Ferris wheel, and all the fried food.