Post Halloween Bliss

You lost a high heel somewhere between the 3rd and 4th party you went to. The front half of your horses ass costume is gone leaving you to wonder which part you are. The bowl of candy you decimated the night before Halloween was replaced with a cheaper bag of crap candy (cause you weren't going to pay $15 for mini candy bars again) is only half gone, the neighborhood kids deciding that it is a bit too soon for Christmas candy from the dollar store. All in all it was a good Halloween. What now? Thanksgiving preparedness? Christmas avoidance? Take this time before the true start of the holiday season to relax. Maybe start a 2 week diet so that 15th helpings of stuffing won't hit your middle too hard come bikini season. Take this time to research recipes that your mother-in-law won't make snide remarks about. "Peter's first love, Sandy, made THE best butter rum cake. We love her so much, you don't make butter rum cake, do you dear?" Maybe start a new hobby like knitting so that when you travel this holiday season, not only will you have a ready weapon in hand, but also something to do when that 24 hour car ride your husband insisted he could do without directions doesn't seem so mind numbingly horrible. Bottom line is, sit back and relax because it is all down hill from here!