Pretty little baked goods

I love decorating cakes and cupcakes. I make my frosting from scratch, fill up my piping bags, and have super fun art time. I am even thinking of doing a separate short segment on the website just for cake decorating tips. While we decide if that would be a good fit, here is a sneak preview of what it would be like. Behold: Robot Cake made of cupcakes for our friend Natalie's birthday!

For the color, I mixed in 2-3 drops of blue liquid food coloring and 1 drop red in a large batch of frosting, which made a nice light purple that looked more gray than purple. I arranged the cupcakes, and I used donut holes on top of the head and on the sides of the head. Then, I piped the cupcakes and took some edible silver spray and sprayed the whole thing down. This did less than I expected to the color. (The body has the spray, but around the eyes do not, so you judge for yourself.)

Once the piping was done, I iced 2 more donut holes with white frosting and popped those on for eyes, piping around them to hold them in place, and give the robot eyelids. (That is the part I was talking about that doesn't have silver spray.) I used airheads, candy dots, and m&ms for the decorations, and whala! Robot cupcake cake!