Thanksgiving Traditions

Every family has their own thing that they do for the holidays, be it a specific dish that always has to be there, special decorations that have been around forever, or old family games that make it feel right. My grandparents always make a huge turkey that is big enough to feed our entire extended family and their friends. A big pan of dressing is my absolute favorite, and the one thing that I just have to have, whereas my husband has to have a slice or three of pumpkin pie. We all show up late in the afternoon, talk about our lives, attempt to avoid drama (but never fully do), eat way too much food, go back for seconds more often than we should, then settle in throughout the house. Toward the end of the night, we sing Christmas songs, and those planning on throwing elbows and well placed shoulders on Black Friday take what can only be considered a power nap.

That is my Thanksgiving, and I realize how lucky I am. I am thankful for my amazing husband, a great set of friends, for this show to still be going on after two years, and for so much more. If you wish to be nostalgic with us, join us in watching our first ever episode, Fried Turkey.