When to go homemade, and when to skip it.

There are good shortcuts and bad shortcuts in cooking. I have been baking from scratch for a while now, and though usually totally worth it to me as far as finished product is concerned, there are times when a shortcut is awesome. Pie crusts are a great example. There is nothing like a real, homemade pie crust, but sometimes, it just isn’t worth the time. Cookies from scratch, however, only take an extra 5 or so minutes, so I almost always just go the extra mile for those. Who makes their own mayonnaise every time, though? I don’t use much at all, so 98% of the time, if I am going to use mayo, it is coming out of a jar. Homemade whipped cream is absolutely amazing, but unless I have a ton of company, it is coming out of a can.

A few things not to be scared of:
1). Frosting. Homemade frosting is as easy as it gets, and nothing tastes like homemade frosting!

2). Salsas. You can pick your own heat, your seasonings, types of tomatoes. Go nuts!

3). Taco seasoning. I don’t generally like packaged taco seasoning because it is too salty for me. Try your hand at your own.

4). BBQ sauce. Easier than you think, and once you have your signature bbq sauce, you will never go back!

5). Pancakes, waffles, and biscuits. Not only cheaper, but much tastier if you make it on your own!

Try something new! Get in the kitchen and make something from scratch you never thought you would!