When you haven't got milk...

I am all for experimenting in the kitchen, but sometimes you just want something tired and true. I had been promising my husband a real southern breakfast for a while, but haven’t delivered, so this weekend, I had biscuits in the oven, sausage was done and some was crumbled into a pan for gravy, and eggs broken in a bowl, when I go for the milk for the scrambled eggs and for the sausage gravy and it is gone. I ask into the living room if my husband drank all the milk last night, but apparently what was in there was bad and he had thrown it out. This is one of the times drinking almond milk doesn’t come in handy, because I had no idea… but I digress. Since breakfast was almost ready and my husband was finishing up some work before breakfast, I asked him how he felt about experimentation for breakfast, and he laughed and came in the kitchen and we poked around in the fridge.

I have made omelets with sour cream before, so I knew that would come out. With about 1 ½ tbsp. of sour cream per 2 eggs whisked in with salt, pepper, and cheese, the eggs came out great. Gravy, on the other hand, was going to be interesting… Almond milk is delightful, as I am still trying to convince my husband, but almond flavored sausage gravy didn’t sound great. My husband, head in the fridge, giggled and pulled out some eggnog he bought the night before and handed it to me. “Make eggnog gravy!” “Yuck!” I replied and tried to hand it back. He insisted that it may be the best thing ever and he really wanted to try it, so I shrugged and told him if I made it, he was going to eat it. He grinned and I separated the sausage out to make one pan of his crazy eggnog sausage gravy, yuck, and one pan of beef broth instead of milk.

In the end, my beef broth gravy tasted like dinner brown gravy, so it stayed in the pan. It would be delightful with dinner, though… And then I started smelling the savory eggnog concoction heat up. When it thickened, I pulled it from the stove and let my husband give it a try. Low and behold, he thought it was great. I am not sure how much of it was from him convincing himself it would be great and how much of it was from him actually like it, but I thought it was nasty.

Waste not, want not, my husband had biscuits and eggnog gravy and I had a sausage biscuit. Through all the giggling and inside jokes that will come from our funky breakfast, I am reminded why I like to do Drinking Chefs. You will remember a few of the really great meals, but you will remember all of the fun ones!