Where you gonna eat all that?

I love a buffet. The bigger the better. The more options to choose from means I will always have a choice. When I walk into a buffet it is like I am walking into a gastronomic casino. The lighting is never really bright (you really don't want to mingle with those around you, they have the problem, you don't), the heat is almost never on (you have to hunch down to stay warm but it is ok b/c that puts your plate that much closer to your mouth), there are no clocks (I don't have the time to wonder how much I have eaten) and the ringing of the bell that signals hot fresh food makes me feel like I have won the jackpot (doesn't matter that I have already eaten 10 biscuits, those weren't right out of the oven like dad used to make. There is a difference, I promise). Even with my inappropriate love for the feeding trough, doesn't mean that I take anything home (the food only manages to taste good at the buffet, kinda like expecting a captive whale to sing and dance as if they were free. I don't care how big the tank is, it's not the same!) and I don't over pile my plate. The amount of food waste at a buffet is atrocious. You know very well two steaks, a pile of mashed potatoes, 2 baked potatoes and pie will not fit anywhere you want to put them. "Augustus! Save some room for later" (Willy Wonka, mom talking to fat kid eating candy if you didn't catch the reference). All I'm saying is enjoy a buffet. I know I will. Be mindful of what goes on your plate and what doesn't come off of it.