Easy Pecan Clusters

These pecan clusters are super easy, even if they look hard to make in our video... :D
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  • 12oz Chocolate Almond Bark
  • 1 1/2 cup chopped pecans + extra for garnish (about 1/2 cup)
  • You can use larger pecan pieces depending on how large you want your clusters, but if you are garnishing them, you will want the small chopped pecans even if you use the large ones in the actual cluster.


Melt the almond bark either in a double boiler or on a plate in the microwave. If you microwave the almond bark (which is the easiest method), microwave it for about 30 seconds and then in 15 minute increments until it mixes smooth with a fork. Unless you work really fast, we recommend doing a half recipe at a time because the bark hardens quickly.
Mix in all the nuts except what you kept on side for garnish. On a sheet of wax paper, spoon out pecan clusters in 1 inch pieces. Before they dry, sprinkle top with garnish pecans. They will dry and harden within minutes, so work fast!