Fried Turkey

Why save turkey for Thanksgiving... or large crowds? With this, you can make as much or as little as you want, and people absolutely love it... and it is relatively simple. Prep Time: 10 minutes
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  • Amounts vary depending on amount you make. Read recipe to clarify.
  • turkey legs and or wings, as many as you like
  • peanut oil
  • sea salt
  • seasoning salt
  • minced dried basil
  • pepper


Rinse all turkey pieces and pat them dry and set them to the side. Add about 2 inches of oil to pot. If you wish to determine a more exact amount of oil, put two like turkey pieces (two legs first if you are making both legs and wings) in large pot and cover in water until pieces are completely covered. This is the amount of oil you will need. Remove turkey pieces and pat dry, along with pot before filling pot with oil. The pot should be no more than 1/3 full or you need a larger pot to allow for extra care as not to burn yourself.

Turn eye on pot of oil and let heat until it reaches around 375 degrees. While oil is heating, rub legs and wings with seasoning salt, dried basil, and pepper. You will use more than you would think you will need as some of it will come off during frying. When oil is hot, CAREFULLY and slowly place turkey pieces in with long tongs two like pieces at a time (which means either two drumsticks or two wings). Oil will boil up, so be very careful. Set a timer. Turn drumsticks after about 4 minutes and wings after 3. Total, drumsticks should cook for around 8 minutes, where wings only need 6. Once they are finished, use tongs to place on a paper towel covered plate, as to catch the oil.

We came up with this recipe because frying a whole turkey can be quite dangerous. Still, this recipe requires great care as not to burn yourself or your kitchen. Just remember, oil and water do not mix, so do not allow water to drip into the pot, and if something happens, do NOT try to put out a grease fire with water. I know, we are probably going overboard with the cautions, but better safe than sorry!