Raspberry Shillelagh

Strong enough for a man, made for everybody! This is a beautiful drink that happens to knock your socks off!
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  • water and sugar for rimming glass
  • 6-8 raspberries per drink
  • splash of vodka (up to an ounce if you are brave) per drink
  • ice, crushed if you wish
  • Irish cream


Pour a few tablespoons of water onto a saucer and a few tablespoons of sugar onto another. Rim a short glass or a highball glass by dipping the rim of the glass through water then drudging it through sugar. Put 4-6 whole raspberries into each glass. Press the raspberries with a muddler (or potato masher, or any utensil you could mash with) until they are mushy. Pour a splash of vodka over the berries (more if you are daring). Add ice to the glass. Pour Irish cream into the glass to the top. Garnish with a few raspberries by sticking them on a drink pic or toothpick. If you think your friends will want to mix it while drinking it, serve with a drink stir stick. Otherwise, serve it layered, because it is oh so pretty!