Super Easy Sopapillas

Here is a super easy take on how to make a delicious Mexican inspired dessert!
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  • 1/4 inch peanut or vegetable oil, the amount will depend on the depth of your pan
  • 1 package refrigerated croissants
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 4 tbs cinnamon
  • Honey


Mix your cinnamon together and put half of the mixture on a plate and set aside. Heat your oil on medium high heat until hot. Open package of croissants and separate out your triangles. One at a time, CAREFULLY lay your croissant into the oil. Let cook for about 15 seconds, or until the pastry has just begun to puff and the edges are slightly starting to brown. If your pastry puffs up super fast or begins to brown too quickly, your oil is too hot. With tongs, flip your pastry and let cook for about 5-10 seconds. Flip your pastry quickly so both sides are moist, then immediately remove onto one of the plate of cinnamon sugar, sprinkling with reserved cinnamon sugar. When you are finished, drizzle each piece with honey.