White Christmas Martini

I'm dreaming of a White Martini! This creamy chocolate drink will bring your friends to song!
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  • White sugar sprinkles, about ¼ cup
  • Water and light corn syrup, 3-4 tbs of each (or just all water if you aren’t as worried about so many
  • 1 part white chocolate liqueur
  • 1 part vanilla vodka
  • 1 part Heavy cream, optional
  • ice


Rim your martini glasses in water mixture by dipping it into it upside down then dredge the edges of your glass through your sprinkles. Set aside.
Add ice to your martini shaker, then add your white chocolate liqueur and vodka (and heavy cream if you decided to make it a little less strong), and shake! Pour into your glasses, making sure not to knock any of your sprinkles off and enjoy!